I [[t]re̱st[/t]] QUANTIFIER USES
1) QUANT: QUANT of def-n The rest is used to refer to all the parts of something or all the things in a group that remain or that you have not already mentioned.

It was an experience I will treasure for the rest of my life...

I'm going to throw a party, then invest the rest of the money...

He was unable to travel to Barcelona with the rest of the team.

Rest is also a pronoun.

Only 55 per cent of the raw material is canned. The rest is thrown away, or fed to cows.

2) PHRASE (vagueness) You can add and the rest or all the rest of it to the end of a statement or list when you want to refer in a vague way to other things that are associated with the ones you have already mentioned. [SPOKEN]

...a man with nice clothes, a Range Rover and the rest...

And what about racism and all the rest of it?

and so on, et cetera
II [[t]re̱st[/t]] VERB AND NOUN USES
rests, resting, rested
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1) VERB If you rest or if you rest your body, you do not do anything active for a time.

He's tired and exhausted, and has been advised to rest for two weeks...

[V n] Try to rest the injured limb as much as possible.

2) N-VAR If you get some rest or have a rest, you do not do anything active for a time.

`You're worn out, Laura,' he said. `Go home and get some rest.'...

After I've had a good rest, I'll tell you everything.

3) VERB If something such as a theory or someone's success rests on a particular thing, it depends on that thing. [FORMAL]

[V on/upon n/wh] Such a view rests on a number of incorrect assumptions...

[V on/upon n/wh] The long-term future of the country rests on how we teach our children.

hang, depend
4) VERB If authority, a responsibility, or a decision rests with you, you have that authority or responsibility, or you are the one who will make that decision. [FORMAL]

[V with n] The judge said that `whether Miss Bergman wishes to admit it or not, the responsibility rests with her.'...

[V with n] The final decision rested with the President.

5) VERB If you rest something somewhere, you put it there so that its weight is supported.

[V n prep] He rested his arms on the back of the chair...

[V n prep] He rested one of his crutches against the rail.

6) V-ERG If something is resting somewhere, or if you are resting it there, it is in a position where its weight is supported.

[V prep/adv] His head was resting on her shoulder...

[V n prep/adv] He had been resting his head in his hands, deep in thought.

7) VERB If you rest on or against someone or something, you lean on them so that they support the weight of your body.

[V prep] He rested on his pickaxe for a while.

8) N-COUNT: usu n N A rest is an object that is used to support something, especially your head, arms, or feet.

When you are sitting, keep your elbow on the arm rest.

9) VERB If your eyes rest on a particular person or object, you look directly at them, rather than somewhere else. [WRITTEN]

[V on/upon n] As she spoke, her eyes rested on her husband's face.

10) See also rested
11) PHRASE: V inflects When an object that has been moving comes to rest, it finally stops. [FORMAL]

The plane had plowed a path through a patch of forest before coming to rest in a field.

12) PHRASE If you say that someone can rest easy, you mean that they don't need to worry about a particular situation.

In that case, we can rest easy. Gagnier is the most helpful superintendent they have.

13) PHRASE: V inflects If someone tells you to give something a rest, they want you to stop doing it because it annoys them or because they think it is harming you. [INFORMAL]

Give it a rest, will you? We're trying to get some sleep...

I think you ought to give football a rest for a time.

14) PHRASE: V inflects If you say that someone who has died is laid to rest, you mean that they are buried.

His dying wish was to be laid to rest at the church near his Somerset home.

15) PHRASE: V inflects If you lay something such as fears or rumours to rest or if you put them to rest, you succeed in proving that they are not true.

His speech should lay those fears to rest...

I am determined to put to rest these rumours that we are in financial trouble.

16) PHRASE: V inflects If someone refuses to let a subject rest, they refuse to stop talking about it, especially after they have been talking about it for a long time.

I am not prepared to let this matter rest...

Let it rest, Rachel. Leave her in peace.

17) PHRASE: V and N inflect To put someone's mind at rest or set their mind at rest means to tell them something that stops them worrying.

She was quick to put his mind at rest. `Mrs Barrett will be delighted to have your brothers back,' she said...

A brain scan last Friday finally set his mind at rest.

18) rest assuredsee assured
to rest on your laurelssee laurel
to rest in peacesee peace

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